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Most homeowners feel overwhelmed when starting to plan and manage their new home or renovation. 

There is so much information available, but it can be hard to know where to start and how to pull together all the ideas.  

I provide homeowners with step-by-step training, support and advice to enable them to build the house of their dreams and a home they will love living in.

This is a 12 week online program to turn your dreams of a new home into a plan for your new dream home.

One off payment of $1,980 (including GST)

Limited places available in each intake.

Next Available Course Starting :  1 June 2019


This first module covers all the important ground work that we need to do before we start diving into the detail… it helps us get really clear on what it is we’re setting out to create so that you can have confidence that you’re heading in the right direction.

> Helping you define your ‘why’

> How to find your own style

> Hiring a team that is going to be a good fit for you and your project

> Writing a clear brief to your team so that they understand you and what you’re asking for

> How to use our simple but effective project management tool

> Creating a schedule to keep your project on track

> Creating a budget that you can stick to and avoid any unexpected overspend

In my opinion, this is the most important thing to get right – I don’t care how beautiful your splashback tile is, if your house has a bad layout, it’s almost impossible to fix and it’s going to have the biggest impact how your home looks, feels and functions.

In this module, we’re going to look at how to create a floorplan that you’re confident is going to work for you, so that you can get your plans finalised, permits arranged and engineering underway.

> How to create a floorplan that will make the most of what space you have available

> Space Planning to ensure that your rooms will be the right size for their intended use and furniture layout

> Orientation and maximising the magic of natural light

When we’re in a beautiful and well-designed space, sometimes it’s hard to put our finger on what it is about the design that makes it work, you just know that it does.  

This module is going to take you through the basics for how to get the balance of different elements in your home so that it feels just ‘right’.

> Overview of interior design fundamentals and principles

> An easy to follow guide that you can follow so that your finished spaces feel and look beautiful 

> I’m going to get you thinking like a professional interior designer, so that you can execute like a pro

The materials and finishes that we select for our interiors don’t just dictate the finished look of our homes – they can also have a huge impact on the overall cost of our project and the durability and longevity of the work that we’re doing, so it’s important to understand the available options and what’s going to be most suitable for you.

> We’re going to be talking about all the different materials and finishes available so that you know what is right for your project

> Learn where you should be using certain materials and what to avoid

> We’re going to be drilling down on all the detail on the types of timber, tiles, natural stone, paints and wallpapers so that you can make more informed choices

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, so this module is designed to help you design the sort of kitchen you’ve always dreamed of having – one that looks beautiful, but also stays looking that way for as long as possible. There should be a place for everything and a layout that works for you and how you like to cook.

> Understanding the different layout options so that you know what’s right for your home

> The real truth about stone benchtops

> Cabinetry detailing – finishes, door profiles, handles, edging… because you know all that detail is important

> How to select the right kitchen appliances for your kitchen

> All the other details – tap ware, sinks, splashbacks, storage


> I’ll be sharing my favourite kitchen finishes and combinations with you so that you have an easy starting point for your own selections.  

The bathrooms and laundries of busy households are like the engine rooms – they’ve got to be highly functional spaces that work well, but also help you to enjoy the routines and rituals of everyday life.

This module is going to help you make your selections with more confidence and ensure that the finished spaces are the best they can be.

> We’ll be covering tile selections and detailing

> How to choose the right basins, sinks and tapware for your space

> Achieving great bathroom light at any time of day

> Getting the right layout for your vanity units and storage solutions

This final module is going to help you through all of the other details, that need to be specified to your builder, but are often forgotten.

If you don’t take the time to research the options and your preferences for these items, they’re often the things that the builder will decide for you or will not get done at all… so, we’re going to cover :

> Selecting the right architectural details for your style of home – cornice, skirting boards, architraves, internal doors, door hardware

> How to plan out your Lighting and Electrical details, because these things are so much more important that most people think  

> Window Coverings and how to find the best solution for your home, that not only looks great, but also provides effective insulation and increases the energy efficiency of your home

  Understanding the process is the first step to achieving confidence and gaining control of your project from day one.  

It doesn't need to be as hard as you think and this training will set you off in the right direction."

- Amanda Ayres
Amanda Ayres
Paula, Ascot Vale
"We would recommend working with Amanda without hesitation"

Amanda has been a delight to work with.

She is a true professional and does not hesitate to go over and above to ensure her client is happy.

Working with her is a real partnership and I enjoyed every minute.

Sue, Collingwood
"Would highly recommend Amanda ! "

We have had a few projects that Amanda has been involved with and her vision and expertise have been invaluable.

Anita, Pascoe Vale South
"I definitely recommend working with Amanda"

Working with Amanda has been a very helpful process - it has saved me a lot of time and stress.

The process helped to make choosing items much easier because she was able to curate a tailored set of goods that I could choose from - rather than wandering around countless stores aimlessly.

Amanda listened really well and really took the time to understand my style, my budget and my needs.

I definitely recommend working with Amanda and have already referred a number of my friends to her.

Francine and Mark, Aberfeldie
"We are delighted with the final outcome and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Amanda"

Working with Amanda has been an absolute pleasure. Her wealth of knowledge and prowess has helped us immensely in creating our new home.

Amanda worked tirelessly with us from the initial design stages of our home to selecting finishes and furnishings. She helped us to realise our dream of having a beautiful, practical and cohesive living space that works for our family.

Amanda is thoughtful, innovative, passionate, and patient and her expertise has proven to be invaluable.
Alexia, Brunswick
"We would definitely recommend working with Amanda. 
10 out of 10!"

Amanda was amazing!

All the way from the initial planning stages, through to the finishing touches on our renovation.

She listened patiently and helped us to pinpoint exactly what it was that we wanted. We are so grateful for her gentle guidance along the way. Four years later, we still truly love our house and it is a place that we want to be all the time.
Rebecca J, Essendon
"We would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking for a designer they can trust"

Her attention to detail and personal care transformed our family lounge area into a beautiful room. She helped up identify our style and advised on colours, accessories and design.

Amanda went above and beyond and we were delighted with the result.

Jacqui, Ascot Vale
"Highly recommend"

We have been fortunate to engage Amanda to create beautiful spaces in our home.

Amanda not only has an amazing creative eye, she is a delight to deal with. She is also a very good listener and is able to work within budget.​

Amanda is always referred to people who ask for an interior design contact and is my go to when I need input in my own home.
Caylee, Yarraville
"Would absolutely recommend and we have!"

We had a fantastic experience working with Amanda. My husband (a builder) and I basically rebuilt our home for our young family. 

Whilst we have an interest in design and decorating, we were so overwhelmed with the decisions and we were desperate to "get it right."  We also didn’t have the time to do the research! 

We are delighted with everything Amanda did and it’s just different to everything else you see. I just can’t ever see us not loving everything she has done. 

Whenever anyone comes into our home and comments... it’s because of Amanda. There were extra details that we would never have thought of that we are so delighted with.
Maria and Adrianna, Coburg
"We would recommend working with Amanda - she is very good at what she does and professional to deal with"

We found working with Amanda very valuable.

She considered our likes and dislikes and provided a sample brief that we worked on together until we agreed on a concept that we were all happy with.

Her professional help made everything come together smoothly.

She has a passion for her work and it shows in the completed project.
Cynthia, Strathmore
"Highly recommend"

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of redecorating my house with Amanda.​

She was professional, calm and seemed to really understood what feel/look I wanted to achieve.​

With 3 kids and a dog in tow, I am really happy with the longevity of the fabrics she selected.

She wasn’t happy unless I was happy and I am super happy!!!
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